Parfix Line Out

The Parfix line out is used to erase and eliminate repair lines due to excessive filing. The Parfix Line Out bonds the previously applied enhancement to the natural nail and maintains natural nail integrity.

Parfix Nail Glue

The Parfix nail glue is known for its high adhesion strength, speed and long durability. The Parfix Nail Glue is suitable for sticking tips and artificial nails.

Parfix Top Gel

The Parfix top gel is sturdy, shiny, while benefiting from a proper concentration. The top gel is applied on the surface of the nail at the end of the job, directly after buffering.

Parfix Vitamin Base

Formulated with vitamins E and B5 to help protect and maintain the natural nail plate
This gel is designed to longer wear for all gel systems


Cleanser is used to remove all tacky surface residues from uv cured gel systems. can also be used clean tabletops,lights, brushes or other soiled surfaces.

Parfix Topcoat

The Parfix topcoat is a fast drying topcoat sealer used to finish natural nails without the need of the UV lamp. The formula meets high standards. The Parfix Topcoat is very durable and shiny, applied on both polished nails and natural nails.

Parfix Dehydrator

The Parfix dehydrator is applied to dehydrate and disinfect the nails. The dehydrator is a necessary product when it comes to curing the nail.

Parfix Odorless Monomer

The Parfix odorless monomer is a unique product. The odorless monomer is considered as an innovation. The moisturizing power of the liquid enables both the amatures and the professionals with an opportunity to take their time to form flexible dough made when the monomer is mixed with the acrylic powder. The Parfix odorless monomer is a proper choice for those who suffer from allergy or those who cannot stand with sharp smell of the liquid. This liquid becomes sturdy after it’s mixed with the powder, while minimizing the amount of dust during filing

Parfix Low Odor Monomer

The Parfix low odor monomer is mixed with Parfix acrylic powders to form flexible dough. As a result, you will have a very smooth layer that can be filed easily. Our monomers and formulations are optimized to work with our polymer systems.

Parfix Nail Polymer Powder

The Parfix nail polymer powder is a smooth product applied to create a thin and smooth layer on your nail, while too much filing is not required. When the powder is mixed with the Parfix liquid (called the Parfix monomer), the applied mixture on your nail will be hard and durable. The Parfix polymers are available in different colors including light pink (natural), white, clear, cover pink and cover peach. The Parfix cover powders are high covering powders

Parfix Cuticle Oil

The Parfix cuticle oil is used to moisturize the cuticle, skin and nail area. The oil is applied after manicure and pedicure which protects the cuticle and nail against damage and improves the health and appearance of the cuticles and nails. The Parfix cuticle oil is available in two different smells. The Parfix cuticle oil is applied to fix dry cuticle with its good moisturizing power.

Parfix Acrylic Brush (round)

The Parfix acrylic brush is hundred percent natural. It is available in three sizes: 8, 10 and 12. This kolinsky sable brush is made with high density. Working with the kolinsky sable brush is easy and enjoyable as the applied material does not stick to the brush.

Parfix Primers

The Parfix primers include acid-free primer and acid primer. They have great adhesion strength which is used to develop acrylics and gels on your nails.

Parfix Primers

The Parfix primers include acid-free primer and acid primer. They have great adhesion strength which is used to develop acrylics and gels on your nails.