About Us

Since 2010, Nikravesh Industries has worked to maintain its reputation for producing new and innovative products. Nikravesh Industries constantly works to provide the consumers with the best quality materials. Nikravesh Industries’ products are made and developed to meet the requirement of its consumers. Nikravesh Industries has a seven-year-history in the field of supplying and distributing cosmetics and nail products. Nikravesh Industries always takes into consideration the costumer demands and the speed of progress in the production of materials and supplies related to the fingernail industry. Nikravesh has registered its brand both in the United States and Iran. Nikravesh Industries manufactures and distributes all its fingernail products as PARFIX. Parfix products are manufactured in a very large space under the supervision of a group of experts in the field of fingernail.We always do our best to meet high standards and provide our customers with the finest products. The Parfix team is proud to say that it is capable of advancing and innovating in the fingernail industry.